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I had always heard a lot of stories about Bangalore Independent escorts , and had also read a lot of reviews from friends who had the privilege of spending quality moments with these famed Bangalore babes. So when I visited a friend in the summer of 2016, I couldn’t resist the urge of trying out a Bangalore escort. But my fantasies were a bit different, if not weird; I always wished to try out duo escorts. In other words, these are escorts who operate as a duo to please their client. After a quick search online, I narrowed my search to one of the most reputable escort agencies in Bangalore like . The moment I informed the receptionist of my desires, she hooked me up with one Maya Pandit.Maya Pandit was friendly, bubbly, and even from our first phone conversation, I could tell she was a lovely soul. So you want to have good moments with two ladies, she naughtily asked me on the phone. Will you manage us, do you have the stamina, she further nudged me. But if anything, these questions turned me on the more, and I promised her that I was the stallion she had never met, that she better be prepared for a romantic marathon all night. This kind of talk is naughty, but works towards building rapport and chemistry between escorts and their clients. In short, we agreed to meet for dinner in a restaurant on King’s road. That evening, I showered and dressed smartly, then left for the meeting place. I was as nervous as I was in the mood for unlimited adult fun.

Maya Pandit was a time keeper; I found her already seated and having some passion juice. Dressed in a nice, blue fitting top, and matching skirt, her hair nicely done and finger nails well manicured, she was quite a dish. Next to her was an equally hot lady, only that this one was dressed in a black, body hugging dress. Her name was Tabby. After the usual pleasantries, we ordered our meals and drinks. Unlike your usual girlfriend who’d frown at the mere sight of her man ogling at another woman, there are times I found myself staring at Tabby’s busty cleavage, but each time my eyes met Maya Pandit’s, she’d give me a naughty go ahead look.

By the time we went back to my hotel room, we were all on fire. The moment I closed the door, I had Maya Pandit in my grasp, kissing her wildly as I stroked her silky hair. And I could also feel Tabby undoing my belt, hungrily and with an urgency. Before long, she had all of me in her mouth. I slumped back on the bed, and spread my legs to give her more space to go down on me. Maya Pandit had already removed her blouse and her big nipples were teasing my lips. Boy, talk of a coordinated attack from two hot Bangalore kittens! Like two hungry lionesses hunting in the African jungles, the two ladies kept alternating. One minute Tabby had my balls in her mouth, the next moment Maya Pandit was on top and riding me like there’s no tomorrow. We kept trying out new stuff all night, and by the following morning, we were all too exhausted but satisfied.

Sadly, I had to fly out the next day and on my flight back to Los Angeles, my mind savored the events of last night with sweet memories.escorts in bangalore The next time I visit Bangalore, all I want is a session with Maya Pandit and Tabby. We still chat and talk on Skype; they both miss me and can’t wait for another threesome very soon!

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